Golden Caves - Collision

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Golden Caves - Collision

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Golden Caves
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September 27, 2017
For me this album slots more easily into the category of AOR /Heavy Rock in the style of the later day “Fleetwood Mac” rather than their self-proclaimed classification of Contemporary Progressive Rock. It is true to say though that all nine songs are all nicely structured with melodic and very pleasant “sing- along” chorus lines. Generally and without doubt the stand out feature throughout the entire CD are the very clean cut and perfectly in tune female vocals from “Romy Ouwerkerk”. She indeed is a very fine singer with a beautifully refined, polished and very melodious voice and which is totally demonstrated to the full on the very excellent and standout track entitled “My Demon’s Hunt”. The backing vocals too are all pretty good with the creation of some nice interesting female harmonic vocal pairings seemingly provided by keyboardist “Elise Polman” and other moments when the rest of the guys join in to swell the sound.
From a music perspective in respect to the instrumental side of the band, there is nothing to get too excited about. Individually they might all be good musicians but in the main they appear to come over more as a backing band for the singer that is as opposed to collective group of individual musicians in a progressive rock music band. There are of course some odd moments of nice guitar, periods of accomplished keyboards and decent percussion but never any real moments of individual prowess or gung-ho flair. Certainly there are no lengthy “Out of This World” combinations of lead guitar versus keyboard exchanges and this is reflected by the fact that none of the tracks are very long in terms of Progressive Rock Music.
There is though a massive market for this kind of “Middle of the Road” adult orientated rock music particularly for fans of “Fleetwood Mac” and perhaps even “ABBA” but unless working in a support role I cannot see there being much real interest from progressive rock aficionados.

Summary: Quite pleasant middle of the road rock with extremely good female vocals.

Artwork: A nicely made digipak with good artwork.

Alex Ouwenhand –Guitar
Romy Ouwerkerk –Vocals.
Erik Stein –Drums.
Elise Polman –Keyboards.
Tim Wensink – Bass

Track List:
1. Child of Mine.
2. Doctor’s Prescription.
3. Mother.
4. Bring Me To The Water.
5. Maze.
6. Paradox.
7. My Demovn’s Hunt.
8. Keep Running.
9. When The Rain Falls.
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