Dreadnaught - Hard Chargin

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Dreadnaught - Hard Chargin

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September 10, 2017
This is, to be honest, a somewhat confusing and extremely wide ranging album in both style and content. Indeed it is a veritable mish mash of what is particularly good and then it has other music mixed in with it which is strangely peculiar. From an interest viewpoint it has some extremely enjoyable moments of melodic appeal created by a concoction of nice tasty guitar runs and layered keyboard arrangements and the drumming is excellent in all respects. Appreciating the fact that one of the aspects of progressive rock is a combination of well-considered time changes this album for me was a trite too much all over the place with manic changes of pace and moments of complete confusion. What does come over really well though is the wonderful sense of fun about the entire proceedings and you sense that these guys are enjoying every moment. Once you do accustom yourself to the irregular format of the compositional layout (second play minimum) of the music you do in fact relax a bit more and start to enjoy the arrangements including those moments of complete mayhem and discordance. All the while as you progress through the material you can’t help but feel either pleased, surprised and / or confused at some of the decisions which have been integrated into the body of the music such as some half-baked yodeling, flurries of really nice violin and periods of cool mellow saxophone. It is hard to pin point the genera of this music because there are certainly plenty of instants that tend towards progressive and other moments when the term “hoe-down” comes to mind. And here actually is the rub because from a commercial aspect; which fan mindset would it actually appeal to. I can imagine that from a gig perspective any CDs on offer would fly out and if the correct track was broadcast on a prog based radio show it would, I’m sure, attract potential buyers. But with so much choice of great music available from progressive bands of note it will be difficult for “Dreadnaught” to make a firm impression particularly in Europe. Although I get the impression that having been together as a band for twenty years they are almost certainly a gigging working unit and probably do quite nicely thank you very much. I would certainly go and see them but “buy the album” not sure?

Summary: A weird mixture of decent progressive moments and manic fun.

Cover Art: Adequate in terms of information but quite plain artwork wise.

Line Up:
Rick Habib :drums, vocals
Justin Walton: guitar, Sax, piano and other keyboards, vocals.
Bob Lord: bass, keyboards, vocals.

1. Have a rink with Dreadnaught,
2. Gaudy Baubles.
3. That’s The Way You Do It (My Way)
4. Taking A Ride With The Fat Man (Fatta Fatta Puck Puck)
5. Bo-Leg-Ba
6. Express Delight.
7. That’s The Way You Do It (Your Way)
8. Gets The Grease,
9. Slave Girls.
10. Mummies of the Cobbosseecontee.
11. That’s The Way You Do It Our Way.
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