Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati

Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati

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Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati

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Tohpati Ethnomission
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Jazz rock with Asian flavourings


December 11, 2017
Envisage a basic Latin American rock beat delivered at furious pace and set within a more than slightly jazz rock orientated framework. Combine this mix with Asian influences and you have the formula that aptly describes the resultant sound of “Tohpati Enthnomission’s” second album “Mata Hati” released in February 2017, now this is a bit confusing it was actually recorded in Jakarta sometime during 2015 and so for some reason it was left for two years on the back burner. Maybe at the time insufficient funds were available to market it worldwide as is now?

The construction of the music is certainly very complex because , within the majority of the tracks, there follows a series of multifaceted fast moving rhythmic configurations comprising of a distinctly jazz rock fusion element combining complex guitar patterns overlaid upon furious multiple drumming sequences that are in turn conjoined with counter tabla beat arrangements of varying harmonious forms. These dynamic high energy exchanges then give way to periods of more melodic calm whereupon an assortment of Asian style bamboo flutes and whistles take over the lead role responsibility from that of the electric guitar before they then again merge together in a unique symphonic style. The musical arrangements throughout are certainly not “free-form” and are, without-doubt, precisely calculated almost like mathematical equation were everything is worked out and perfectly balanced before recording or performing.

Not only is the music complex but it is also a preverbal fast moving dynamic wall of sound with wonderfully executed guitar arrangements from “Tohpati played entirely at pace and certainly ticking every box in respect to agility, complexity and trickery with incredible finger work and precision. The coupling of Western based music with Asian influences is wonderfully executed utilizing the traditional Indonesian bamboo Flute and Tarompet clarinet”.

Summary: Interesting and complex Jazz Rock Fusion with Indonesian Influences.

Artwork: Nice handmade effect

Information from the internet reveals that Tohpati, is a busy studio musician who manages his time such as to also work on his own music projects the most well-known of these is as an Indonesian jam band named “SimakDialog” and Tohpati Bertiga an all-Indonesian bass-drums-guitar power trio.

Track Listing: 1.Janger; 2.Tanah Emas; 3. Pelog Rock; 4. Mata Hati; 5.Berburu; 6. Rancak; 7.Reog; 8. Pangkur; 9. Amarah.

Tohpati: guitars, guitar synthesizer;
Indro Hardjodikoro: bass;
Diki Suwarjiki: suling bamboo flute, tarompet;
Endang Ramdan: kendang percussion;
Demas Narawangsa: drums;
Czech Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Michaela Ruzickova (track 1).

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