The Space Lords - Water Planet

The Space Lords - Water Planet

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The Space Lords - Water Planet

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The Space Lords
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Lords of Space


November 27, 2017
Batten down the hatches, tighten your seat belt and pull those headphones firmly into place and then settle down in your favorite armchair for the ride of your life. Because right from the off you become totally engrossed as you plug in to these three longish tracks and with the feeling of movement and accumulative speed you are quickly propelled into virtual outer space. The “Spacelords” are somehow a cross fertilization of “Hawkwind” meets “Tangerine Dream” meets “The Bevis Frond” with all their combined hypnotic rhythmic and psychedelic musical patterns and attributes.

I rather likened the entire album comprising all three tracks as being Parts 1, 2 and 3 of a space travel epilogue the whole affair a total sonic experience being perfectly assembled with some incredible drum and bass patterns providing a platform for various and glorious guitar and keyboard combinations which are interposed with some extremely subtle electronic space sounds. The strange thing about this kind of music is that what it lacks in harmony is more than compensated with rhythm, pace, very clever time changes and overall sound impact. By this, I mean that the score as a total musical piece would be difficult to later reconstruct in your mind but whilst listening to it and quite gradually it firmly eats into your brain as your hi-fi transportation system picks up speed to take you to uncharted space rock enclaves.

This is, without doubt, an interesting well-crafted album comprising an exciting blend of “Spacerock” music and certainly the more that you emerge yourself into it the more that a whole range of different sound textures are slowly revealed and which eventually come delivere to the fore. It is also, in a way, conveyed with much fun and although difficult to explain you can sense the enjoyment emanating from the actual musicians themselves. Myself, being a particular “Hawkwind” fan, always views other band of this genera with some trepidation but I can honestly say that I really loved this album and would recommend it totally to any “Space Rock” connoisseur. My only complaint is that it isn’t long enough but I will certainly check out their earlier stuff.

Summary: Well structured, exciting and interesting “Spacerock”

CoverArt: Interesting Layout by drummer M.Schnitzler

Tracks and guest musicians.

A1 Plasma Thruster
Guest [Guestlord], Synth – Didi Holzner

A2 Metamorphosis
Guest [Guestlord], Organ [Hammond], Keyboards [Spacekeyboard], Synth
B Nag Kanya (Remix)

Bass – Akee Kazmaier
Drums – Marcus Schnitzler
Guitar [Guitars] – Hazi Wettstein
Produced by – The Spacelords
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