Darrel Treece-Birch - Healing Touch

Darrel Treece-Birch - Healing Touch

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Darrel Treece-Birch - Healing Touch

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Darrel Treece-Birch
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Prog with added Spirit


October 27, 2017
There is here on this very album a possibility that a new form of music has been developed with a fusion of progressive rock lines interwoven with calming transcendental arrangements. It is indeed a very interesting mixture of excellent compacted intermittent progressive rock musicianship set within a lively background of hypnotic rhythmical patterns. This as a collaboration of different musical styles works extremely well resulting in a very enjoyable set of compositions throughout the entire album. The whole affair has been arranged, composed, engineered and recorded by Darrel Treece–Birch in his home town of Fleetwood, UK and furthermore he has, with expert skill, played every one of the instruments himself which include a large range of guitars, keyboards, basses and percussion. Without doubt this has been a massive undertaking for Darrel, an extremely time consuming project with the recording aspect alone taking him from March to July 2017.
Whilst there is a certain similarity about the ten tracks inasmuch that the calming aspect, or the backbone of the compositional makeup is generated at around the same overall hypnotic pace throughout, the main characteristics (for me) which make this album so interesting are the multitude of different keyboard pulses, sweeping fills and magnetic rhythms which cascade with abundance throughout the project, rather like the relaxing sounds found in nature such as the streaming of a waterfall or the wind blowing through the trees. Delightfully too and pirouetting in and around this background layer of sound are beautiful executed passages of clear piercing guitar and flurries of many differently pitched keyboard devices, choral voicings together with a profusion of other electronic influences. There is continually a wide range of melodic passages that are integrated within the structure of the overall score and which carry the music forward with superb bass guitar patterns and excellent drumming throughout.
Without doubt Darrel Treece–Birch is a wonderfully talented multi-instrumentalist and has put together here a fantastic suite of very melodic and quite enchanting instrumental tunes with a truly positive spiritual air and this as a compositional objective certainly fully reveals itself to the listener with just a little guidance from the nicely worded sleeve notes.

Summary : A hypnotic album with proigressive substance.

Artwork –Nicely designed colourful booklet with photos.

Instrumentation - Darrel Treece–Birch plays all instruments –See sleeve inset photo for details..

Tracks :
1. Gods Prescription.
2. From The Mouth.
3. Cast It Out.
4. Re-Boot.
5. The Fruits of The Spirit.
6. The Stand.
7. The Release.
8. The Expanse.
9. No Fear Here.
10. God’s Medicine.
All compositions By Darrel Treece–Birch
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