My name is Angelo Hulshout, from the The Netherlands. I was born in 1973, turning 28 every year on March 25th since 1998.

angelo258pxI learned about what I now know is called progressive rock when I was about 12 years old and my table tennis coach lend me a couple of Rush albums. Rush has been my all time favourite band since, followed by Fish-era Marilion However, few years they've gotten fierce competition from bands like Corvus Stone, Beardfish and more recently Pain of Salvation (you can't be the first to learn about every band). I wrote some reviews in the past and in October 2014 picked up again, on my own web site (with copies and links to there on other sites).

I got introduced to Tonny Larssen and his team through a mutual friend, Sonia Mota, the artist behind amongst others the covers of Corvus Stone and Progeland albums. Since I like writing reviews, and Tonny and Rudy liked the results, I decided to hook up with ProgPlanet and publish at least part of my reviews here (at the time of writing, we still have to sort out how that is going to run).

Apart from listening to above, I serve as bass player and occasional vocalist in a rock and blues cover band, and at day time I work as an independent software architect and trainer.

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