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tonny1The review codex:

The reviews are solely the reviewrs own opinion, good or bad! One man´s gold might be another man's garbage.
We try to be as honest as we can! We have many many years of music listening/dissecting, in our "bag".
We are true to : The reader/listener, the artist/band and first of all: our self!
No commercial attachment. This (actually the whole site) is for the love of music!
So please, keep sending promo material (CD/DVD/BOOK) in the light of that!
And sorry guys, NO downloading or Streaming, we haven't got the capacity ;-)

You are most wellcome to contact us for any matter concerning this site or progmusic in general.

You'll find the adress at the bottom of the page and you are most welcome to use the form below.

Thank you so very much!


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