BLIM - Zero + No Frills (“20th Anniversary Re-master)

BLIM - Zero + No Frills (“20th Anniversary Re-master)

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BLIM - Zero + No Frills (“20th Anniversary Re-master)

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disc 1: 74:14 disc 2: 73:34

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(Updated: October 05, 2014)
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It will most certainly go into my private collection


September 11, 2013
Ok, I have never heard of BLIM, but this re-release/ re-mastered double edition are somewhat fantastic ! These musicians are far better than anything Hawkwind could dream up and furthermore Ozric´s are given a run for their money, space rock wise that is! How did BLIM not become the great space rock band of all times?! They so deserve it, after my listening (there have been many) to their 2 "lost" albums I am convinced that these fine musicians rather gives ...ahem....backwheel to the former 2 mentioned bands!! Especially Hawkwind which I honestly think very overrated, they have some 50 albums to their name and yes I do really like some of them, but honestly I prefer quality over quantity , enuff said, wouldn't want hordes of Hawkwind freaks hunting me down!! No honestly this is pure, clean and fantastic space rock of the superb class with the occasional blues lick thrown in for good measure, hell the first album even holds a ska (think Madness) like tune! Yes even though re-mastered this first album has some muddled sound here and there, but the energy WOW!

Now for the second album, which has a more...ahem..mature sound a more clear and clean sound. I guess it is only natural, conditions studio wise were better time frame considered!? This second album takes over where the first left off on the space-rock/Psychedelic thematic and it is just great (by now you will have realized that I am not only a prog freak but also very much into spacerock!) though I must admit that the second album are more to my taste, it is much tighter, more precise in the musical expression and as mentioned the sound clearer! Who knows why these fine musicians didn't make it way back then?! Wrong time? Wrong place? They most certainly are as good as Ozrics and as said, much better than Hawkwind IMHO !! Anyway here they are, for your pleasure, given a second chance and they so deserve that and your attention! Anyone into space-rock should immediately grap a copy of this fine double re-mastered release and rejoice!! It will most certainly go into my private collection! So 2 and a half star for cd 1 and 3 and a half stars for the second cd!!
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