King Of Agogik - From A To A

King Of Agogik - From A To A

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King Of Agogik - From A To A

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King Of Agogik
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(Updated: October 17, 2014)
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This is great! Imagine a theme with dark mode and the wonderful mellotron ( YES I KID YOU NOT)


June 16, 2012
This is my first, I had never heard of King Of Agogik, the mastermind, drummer de luxe, player of bass, guitars, keyboards etc. Hans Jörg Schmitz, kindly send me this album! I must say I am really surprised and happily so ! For to me, this is quite a brilliant release, instrumental mind you (Me like) but floating with great ideas and hints to this or that music style and nods to special bands and/or pop songs!! All delivered with excellence, superb production and high class musicianship from all involved!! This is great! Imagine a theme with dark mode and the wonderful mellotron ( YES I KID YOU NOT) soaring greatly, then suddenly the pop disco hit " Popcorn" tones hit my speakers, but only brief. Time signatures a plenty and breaks standing in line , imaginative interludes and superb cross references to, I almost said all kind of music, but hints and allegations here and there, I swear I could hear some Genesis theme stuff briefly!! Wonderful!! Actually this fine outing boast´s a great variety of several instruments : Assorted drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mellotron, keyboards, bass guitar, 12 string Chapman stick, Fretless bass, Oboe, flute, Saxophone and no less than three voices (although no lyrics as such)..yes isn't it intriguing?! If you (like me) enjoy an album that goes through several genres, hot heavy themes, soft pop themes, ingenious breaks and the aforementioned hint and allegations to various styles and album that makes you go: WOW.... that makes you smile... that makes your jaw drop...that makes you go: "What the fu.." And do you like your music superb delivered and you do not mind the lyrics missing for once! Then this album will make you go ape!! Trust me.... over an hour of bliss, just brilliant. Thank you Hans Jörg, for sending me this gem!! No I didn't mention tracks or a run down track by track. This album just twists and turns, then in loud, then almost silent , then roars into unbelievable genres sweeping every corner and suddenly flying high!! Go get it!! NOW!!
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