The Mugshots - Somethig Weird

The Mugshots - Somethig Weird

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The Mugshots - Somethig Weird

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The Mugshots
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Creepy Mugs


July 11, 2017
Although some tracks out of the twelve are pretty disposable it is in the main a very enjoyable and totally fun album with some intricate instrumental embelishments both in support of the lead vocals and also too moments of “gung-ho” progressive rock autonomy. The first question that crosses your mind is whether the band have a clear musical direction but you recognize extremely quickly that what you are listening to here is a band with huge theatrical intentions a band who are modeling their musical output on a big slice of audience participation. Actually, besides the stupid band name, the first realization of this theoretical intent is apparent right from the start of the first track when they, almost absent mindedly, sling in a bar or so of the Genesis classic “Watcher of the Skies”. I would imagine that going to see this band live would be quite an experience and an evening to remember because even here on this album there is something special about the band personality that comes to the fore.
Not knowing anything at all about the band and simultaneous to this review I carried out a quick internet check which revealed that “The Mugshots” from Brescia, Italy are a band derived from the same mold as the theatrically horror drenched “Screaming Lord Sutch / Alice Cooper ” school of rock. Such blood curdling embelishments have set down a clear path for both their recording output and stage productions. The music in itself is a mixture of various pop, rock, indie and punk styles but quite cleverly they incorporate a full on progressive feel to their music which gives them a distinctly versatile edge over those similar bands who employ only a basic rock’n roll format. With the “Mugshots” their songs tend to follow a basic upbeat rock arrangement during the vocal stage of the proceedings but then what follows is some glorious keyboard assaults to expand the music out to a much more interesting and higher level. The creepy blood soaked vocals, in the main, are a bit daft but are certainly constructed from a fun perspective and I would imagine would delight the gig fraternity as they join in in full vocal support. As mentioned previously there is a slight imbalance between the mostly excellent tracks and those which are not quite up to the mark, never-the-less the lead singer Mickey E.Vil is excellent throughout all of the twelve tracks with his expressive and interesting vocal style.

Summary: A totally superb fun drenched album with blood curdling intent.

Artwork: A fully detailed information packed CD insert the cover of which includes an original band portrait produced by the renowned comic artist Enzo Rizzi...

Band Line Up:
Mickey E.Vill –Lead Vocals and Synths,
Erik Stayn –Keyboards.
Eye Van –Bass.
Priest –Guitar
Gyorg II –Drums
Plus other special guests.

1. Introitus
2. The Circus.
3. Rain.
4. I Am An Eye.
5. An Embalmer’s Lullaby Part 2.
6. Ophis.
7. Sentymento
8. Scream Agan.
9. Grey Obsession.
10. Dusk Patrol.
11. Pain.
12. Ubique
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