Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother

Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother

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Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother

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Universal Totem Orchestra
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Thank you, for this musical gift, which it truly is !!


May 28, 2017
Even at my age, this old school geezer can be pleasantly surprised by some of the bands/artist´s that lands on my shore, from the ever flowing flood of progmusic and related!! But twice in one week ? Noo...YES, first my former review of Steve Thorne´s album, read elsewhere on the pages!

But now this: Universal Totem Orchestra, they totally blew me away, having a quite morning, walking the dog and now with my first cup of coffee, slipping the disc in and leaning back! Out comes this hybrid of Opera, Magma and Zappa rolled into one ?!! I immediately grabbed the cd cover, trying to make sense of the sounds that attacked me so wonderfully surprising and with such a wonderful on its own force, I havent felt in years!

I found out that there is a moniker called Zeuhl for this special musical genré! Well dont ask me, I dont know..but what I do know, is that this album is going to stay in my cd player for a very very long time as I find this a near perfect listen to this old geezer.

I have played it over and over again..and I still find little details and musical tricks that make me smile!

What to expect ?! Well expect the unexpected..how´s this: Imagine dark progressive music tendencies, with operatic vocal sequences..both lead and harmony wise, ad to that some oriental and jazzy inspired theme´s, take a spoonful of fusion, a bit of folk trad. spiced with excellent twin guitar play and otherwise brilliant musical delivery!!

I has been a looong time since I have heard such a brilliant album and band, I wanna hear more and I wanna hear it over and over again!!

My fav tracks ?! No cant do that..the entire album is just amazing.. as in: I do not want it to stop!! So...my poor replay button are working overtime!!

I highly recommend this album to any serious progfriend and collector !! I promise you you wont be disappointet!! But you might have to renew your replay button !!
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