Subterranea - Orig Picture Sound Track

Subterranea - Orig Picture Sound Track

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Subterranea - Orig Picture Sound Track

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May 20, 2017
Imagine the indescribable horror of a man set loose into society after he has been held captive for his entire life. He is unaware that he is being monitored and that he is part of an experiment to examine how he, someone who was subjected to ‘total sensory deprivation’ will cope and react in an unfamiliar outside world. This then is the foundation blocks for the movie and specifically the soundtrack, which is the subject of this review. The idea for the film ‘Subterranea’ was in the first place inspired by the ‘IQ’ double concept album of the same name which was first released 1997 and then subsequently the main musical themes from this album have been reworked and adapted by ‘IQ’ guitarist and composer Michael Holmes to form the soundtrack for the film. Michael explains in the sleeve notes the dilemma he was faced with:- that on the one hand film music should not distract from the subject matter of the film itself but rather just emphasize the atmosphere and emotion of the screenplay. But on the other hand the fact that it was in the first place the original IQ album music which was the inspiration for the film and so it was important for achieve a creative balance between these two facets based on the themes from the original classic IQ album (together with one additional track entitled “The Wilderness”). More importantly the main objective was for the resultant soundtrack to be a stand-alone album and something that could be enjoyed in isolation.

With respect to the soundtrack: From the very first bars the overpowering sense of melancholia descends over you as the music follows the storyline faithfully creating an atmosphere of dark foreboding. Sharp staccato guitar chords eventually giving way to sad and gloomy piano runs set within a background of prolonged choral effects and a subsequent continuance of string movements underpinned by a repetitive piano chord sequence sets the musical flavor for things to come on this journey of gloom. But never-the-less the whole affair is extremely interesting with subtle sound effects and the clever integration of percussive rhythms and modulating tempos. So this is without doubt music for your headphones and your total full on concentration whilst you immerse and let yourself drift along with the cleverly worked out and planned deviations in the character of the music following the substance of the storyline. I purposely avoided the temptation to listen in tandem to the original IQ double album as I wanted to appreciate the music totally as a film score in its own right without the influence of IQ as a neo progressive rock band.

Summary: An intense and thought-provoking suite of music constructed as film soundtrack.

Cover Art: A nice compact booklet with an interesting insight by both the composer and film director as to the construction of the music

Track listing
1. Are You Awake?
2. Awake
3. ABC
4. The Rip
5. Reflection
6. She's Down There
7. On The Street
8. Under The Stairs
9. The River
10. With A Gun
11. In The Car
12. Closer
13. In The Box
14. You Need To Leave
15. Incarceration
16. Meeting
17. Goin' Down
18. In The Basement
19. In The House
20. Deceit and Death
21. Beginning The End
22. You Made It
23. Goin' Back
24. In This Wildernes

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