Intention - Foriegn Affairs

Intention - Foriegn Affairs

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Intention - Foriegn Affairs

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Good Intentions


May 14, 2017
“Intentions” are a five piece progressive rock band from Groningen, a city in the far North of the Netherlands. Anyway they have produced a very worthwhile three track self-financed (fan club) promotion CD in a serious attempt to raise finance in order to complete their intended goal of producing a regular time sized CD, which I understand will be entitled “The Hitman”. Now at the time of writing this I do not know whether the three tracks on this EP will be included as they stand or modified in anyway? But in my opinion, see below*, I think a particular but very small section of the vocals needs to be altered to one of better lyrical expression.
The first thing that struck me from looking at the band line up, published on the website, was the was the extent of keyboards that they are utilizing with each individual musician doubling up on keys and in addition bringing in a guest musician, Douwe Postmus, also on keyboards (I rather suspect this was to play the piano on the track intro’s mentioned below) But considering such seemingly over indulgence with the number of keyboards the music in itself does not fully reflect this, in fact the overall sound,in my opinion, being definitely more guitar orientated with plenty of sharp runs and well executed vibrato play. All three compositions are very well constructed and assembled with abundant time changes, variations in pace and interesting in tems of audio presentation and flair. Generally, the vocals by Roelof Beeftink are extremely good with plenty of variation in style and delivery. Even the, normally taboo, introduction of vocalized rap segments during track two are actually quite good giving the proceedings an ultra-modern ‘street’ kind of feel. I would definitely though take issue with the horrible, childish and quite unnecessary monster style growling introduced during a small segment (7:14) of the same track two. *Should, I do hope, any remastering take place for the ultimate full CD production, my advice would be to replace this short section with Roelof’s normal well accentuated and pleasant lyrical style. Other aspects which add depth, colour and character to the music are the spoken female vocal interventions scattered over the proceedings and many well considered sound effects, beautiful keyboard fills and the very nice melodic bass lines throughout.
Other notable features during the course of the album are the very nice piano introductions to ‘The Train’ track two and ‘Changes’ track three.

Summary: A very promising new progressive rock band from the Netherlands who have self-financed this three track EP to raise funds for the production of a larger CD project.

Cover Art: Probably due to the self-financed aspect of this EP this is a very basic and difficult to read cover.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Once the Edge (5:30)
2. The Train (8:58)
3. Changes (8:29)

Total time 22:57
Line-up / Musicians
- Roelof Beeftink / vocals
- Sanne te Meerman / guitars, keyboards
- Erik Kuipers / bass, keyboards
- Jan Oosterhuis / keyboards
- Petrick Glasbergen / drums
- Douwe Postmus / keyboards
- Minka Zeal / vocals
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