Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter - Face

Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter - Face

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Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter - Face

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Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter
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It’s time to FACE up!


May 12, 2017
Wow! there is certainly no time to hardly take a breathe or even take stock of what is going on as you first listen to this expansive project by ‘Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter’ entitled ‘Face’ because from the very first seconds of the opening bar you are drawn into veritable pilgrimage along a freeway of extensive and wondrous musical delights. Imagine, if you can, a collaboration of ‘Mike Oldfied’ with say ‘Steely Dan’, Yes, as strange as it may seem, consider how the intense and repetitive buildup of say “Oldfields” Ommadawn might sound if interspersed with such conflicting jazz chords of the ‘Dans’ ‘Royal Scam’ and you might get an idea of what this album is all about. There is literally so much going on throughout this single thirty five minute track it is impossible to absorb it all on first play and then the array of various participating musicians is totally overwhelming. Whilst the music is arranged as a continuous single track there are several subtle time changes which neatly sub-divide the proceedings into a series of manageable listening packets. It is certainly a kind of musical journey, rather like being on a boat sailing along on a river through periods of calm and then sudden moments where the speed picks up as the craft negotiates a series of rapids. Other such colours too are embroiled on our passage through various towns and cities on this varyingly and discordantly styled but often harmoniously melodic journey, the music capturing both sinister night time moments of evil intent and then the joyous movements of people and the likes of marching bands having fun during the daytime. Apologies, as I digress from the importance of actually describing the music, because in effect the whole affair is far too complicated to single out any specific tunes or phrases, it is without doubt an out and out scrapbook of musical bits and pieces molded into the framework of a symphony of utter delight. It is equally hard to single out any one of the fabulous musicians drafted in to add their talents to this project other than the quite incredible drumming of Pat Mastelotto which, without doubt, powers the entire affair.

Summary: An extremely ambitious but non-the-less fascinating musical project combining jazz type moves within a solid progressive rock foundation.

Cover Art: A beautifully designed digipak the cool artwork by Adam Jones,

Participating Musicians
• Bass Clarinet – Brad Houser
• Chapman Stick [Bowed Stick] – Michael Bernier
• Cover [Painting] – Adam Jones
• Drums [Acoustic], Electronic Drums, Percussion [Percussives], Programmed By [Programming] – Pat Mastelotto
• Electric Guitar – Adrian Benavides
• Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele – Tim Motzer
• Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass [Fretless], Voice – Fabio Trentini
• Flugelhorn – Luca Calabrese
• Guitar [Touch Guitars], Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Melodica, Grand Piano, Banjo, Bulbul Tarang, Omnichord, Synthesizer – Markus Reuter
• Layout, Design – Bernhard Wöstheinrich
• Mandocello, Bass [Fretless], Cello, Voice – Monica Champion
• Mastered By – Lee Fletcher
• Mixed By – Fabio Trentini
• Producer [Produced By] – Reuter*, Mastelotto*
• Recorded By – Markus*, Pat*
• Recorded By [Additional] – Adrian Benavides, Bill Munyon, Pat Manske, Paul DeVillers*
• Recorded By [Assisted By] – Fabio Trentini, Kendall Clark
• Trombone – Mike Mordecai
• Trumpet – Marcus Graf
• Violin [Electric] – Annette Franzen
• Vocals [Vocal Chord] – Steven Wilson
• Voice – Chrysta Bell, Danny Wilde, Renée Stieger, Yoshi Hampl
• Written-By – Markus Reuter
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